Endoscopy of the nose, pharynx and larynx

"Having a camera up your nose" may not sound very appealing however it is a relatively simple procedure which is quick to  perform and does not have any lasting sequelae.  It allows a detailed examination of the structures at the back of the nose including adenoids, the openings of the sinuses, the eustachian tubes, the back of the tongue, the larynx (voice box) and the pharynx and pyriform fossa (the openings to the oesophagus, the food passage).

The 'camera' in fact is a very thin fibre optic endoscope that is passed into the floor of the nose up to about 4-6 inches.

A local anaesthetic/decongestant agent is applied on some cotton wool and placed into the nasal cavity for about 15-20 minutes. This numbs the area and shrinks the lining making it easier to pass the endoscope. Sometimes there can be a bitter taste at the back of the throat or the upper teeth and lip may become numb.

The examination is recorded on a computer and will be played back for you at the end of the procedure.

For your information our endoscopes are cleaned with the Tristel wipe system, which is recognized by ENT UK as meeting infection control requirements.

Endoscopy Image