We are a medical practice committed to providing the very best care for children with ear, nose and throat problems in the London (UK) area.



Our Vision

To provide specialist Paediatric ENT services with a family centred, team based approach; we are constantly striving to go the extra mile for you and your child.


We're Connected

Our practice is supported by a network of allied professionals specialising in audiology, speech & voice therapy, allergy and other subspecialties.


Quality Care

Our multidisciplinary team approach allows us to provide the ideal and most effective means of delivering the high quality care needed for our special patients.



Other paediatric specialties have joined ent4kids to form a new paediatric brand in London - the London Children's Clinic

Currently this includes Paediatric Cardiology and  there are plans to widen the  the  specialty coverage to  include General Paediatrics, allergy and respiratory medicine over the coming months.  

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