Our paediatric ENT surgeons perform a wide range of surgeries. If you would like to know more about a specific procedure, or have any particular questions, please follow the relevant links in the side menu.

Whilst having an operation can never be a “pleasant” experience, we strive to do our best to minimise the stress and anxiety to children and their families.

We achieve this through a set of key practices:

Pre-operative preparation/assessment
A detailed discussion at consultation about the surgical procedure, anaesthesia and postoperative care which is reinforced by information sheets that are included with the admission details.

Pre-operative assessment form
A questionnaire about your child’s medical history is to be completed before the surgery. This is reviewed by the surgeon and passed onto the anaesthetist before the surgery.

Hospital choice and time of surgery
Surgery for children is performed in designated paediatric facilities with appropriate paediatric medical and nursing cover

There are 3 paediatric inpatient facilities in central London:

ent4kids has regular operating lists at these facilities with availability on morning, afternoon and evening lists. Please note that the BUPA Cromwell Hospital has stopped offering Paediatirc Intensive Care facilities as of November 2017

Children who are undergoing surgery will always have a Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist for administration of general anaesthesia.

Post-operative Care
Parents are able to contact the surgeon during the postoperative recovery period if there are any concerns.