Swimming and other FAQ

Can my child swim? 

Gentle swimming is usually not a problem. However if your child likes to jump into the water and swim to the bottom of the pool  or in big waves in  the sea, then it is best to protect the ears by wearing  swim plugs. These may be purchased from a sports shop or chemist, or can be custom made for your child's ear.

How long before my child can return to school?

Children may return to school a couple of days after the operation.

How do I take care of grommets? 

Care is needed to avoid water getting through the grommet behind the eardrum as this will cause an infection. This is mainly an issue with washing with soapy water and it is best that the ear is blocked to prevent this from happening.A simple option in the bath can be  placing cotton wool smeared with Vaseline into the ear. Swimming can be an issue in older child particularly those who jump in the pool and are a bit on the wild side and we would recommend wearing swim plugs (These can be customised to fit your child’s ear)

Do the grommets have to be removed?

No, the grommets normally come out by themselves, after 9 to 18 months and  are carried out of the ear canal naturally. 

When the grommets fall out, will my child need another set? 

About 20 – 25% of children who have had a set of grommets will develop glue ear again and need a further set of grommets