A summary of the self pay fees charged by the practice are detailed in the list below. Please note that diagnostic and outpatient procedures are charged in addition to consultation fees.

Before undergoing surgery we will provide you with a quote for the expected costs.

Our payment terms are 30 days.


  • New Consultation £250

  • Follow Up £175

  • In patient care £200

  • For emergency consultations out of hours and weekends there will be a 50% uplift

Outpatient Procedures

  • Tympanometry £75

  • swim plugs £95

  • Micro-suction £115

  • Nasal cautery £150

  • Audiometry £115

  • Endoscopic Examination - Larynx / Nasopharynx £ 350

  • Tongue tie division including consultation £ 395

Patients with private medical insurance cover

Whilst it is accepted practice in the UK for medical insurance companies to settle invoices directly, patients should be aware that the responsibility for settlement of fees rests with the patient and not the insurance company.

For your convenience we are able to send your invoices directly to your insurance company providing a pre-authorisation number is provided. Please note that UK health insurance companies require a referral letter before a specialist opinion is sought.

Please check with your insurance company whether these fees will be reimbursed in full. If there is a shortfall, or if payment is not received from the insurance company this will need to be settled by the patient / account holder (please note our payment terms are 30 days)

BUPA patients should be aware that whilst some of our consultants are not fee assured this only applies to surgical procedure fees, emergency consultations and inpatient care. Normal working hours consultations, diagnostic tests and facility fees are reimbursed in full. For surgery fees please check with our office if there will be a shortfall. Our fees for common ENT procedures are listed below:

Grommet insertion: 380

Adenoidectomy 380

Adenotonsillectomy 525


ent4kids does not have facility fees with AVIVA insurance. Patients undergoing any diagnostic tests or procedures at the ent4kids site(61 Wimpole Street) will need to pay the self pay price and claim back from AVIVA