How is the surgery performed

Our preferred technique is to use the anterior scoring method where the cartilage is gently scored with delicate cuts and this results in the cartilage bending in the opposite direction.

The position of the cartilage is secured using non resorbable sutures.

 Surgical steps

The cartilage is approached by a Postaural incision

Skin raised over the posterior surface of cartilage

The ear cartilage is then incised and the anterior surface of cartilage exposed.

The anterior (front) surface of the cartilage is scored in theregion of the antihelix. This results in the cartilage bending in the opposite direction


What to expect

A head bandage is applies for 1 week to prevent formation of a haematoma. Skin glue is sometimes applied to keep the ear secured to the side of the head whilst healing takes place. Oral antibiotics are given for 5 days

Review in clinic at 1 week for removal of head bandage and skin sutures. After this time it is recommended that a light head dressing is worn at night for 2 weeks.

The ear will appear quite red for a few weeks. Be careful to avoid suns exposure for 4-6 months


 Possible complications

Haematoma - presents as pain and needs urgent attention as inflammation and deformity of the cartilage may occur. If your child needs continual regular pain control then they should be reviewed and have the ears checked

Infection as with all surgical procedures but  rare.

The ears may not be exactly matched as this will depend on the healing process. The position of the ear may also change over time.