What is microsuction? 

Microsuction is a technique whereby a tiny “hoover” is applied in the ear canal to remove wax , infection or foreign bodies

How is it done

The procedure is carried out with the patent lying on a couch. Using a microscope the ear is inspected. A fine suction device is attached to a suction tube. This is passed gently into the ear canal under direct vision and the material in the ear canal is removed. Sometimes an irrigation spray is applied to help with the suctioning.

Microsuction Earwax.png

The procedure is very noisy and can be disturbing in younger children. It is not usually a painful procedure but if the wax is hard and impacted or there is any underlying infection there can be some discomfort and this is usually short-lived.

What can happen afterwards?

Some patients may be dizzy after the procedure but this is temporary. If the ear canal is particularly inflamed then some antibiotic drops may be prescribed to prevent developing an ear infection. Very rarely there can be a temporary deterioration in hearing.