What to expect after the operation?

At the site where the tonsils were, this often looks white. This is the normal healing process and does not mean that there is an infection.

post tonsillectomy.jpg

This is a painful operation. It is important to plan the surgery well as your child will need one-to-one care for 7 - 10 days post-op. Most mothers describe this period as like having a young baby again.

  • The first 3 - 4 days are not too bad but the pain becomes worse on days 5 - 7

  • It is essential to have a structured regime of pain relief. We suggest regular paracetamol, alternating with Nurofen, every 3 hours. For the first 7 days it is important to do this even during the night. Please use the same doses that were given in hospital - these are much higher than what is on the box.

  • It is a good idea to have something to eat about 20 minutes after giving the pain-relief

Ear ache
This is very common after surgery and happens because the same nerve connects the tonsil as well as the ear - a sensation known as referred pain.

Voice change
Parents often find that their child's voice becomes higher after surgery.  This is simply a result of the muscles in the throat contracting to minimise pain.  It is a temporary symptom, but may take a few weeks to fully recover.