What to expect after Pinnaplasty surgery

A head bandage is applied for 1 week, this sometimes loosens or slips. We will supply you with a spare head bandage kit which you can bring to your appointment in case a new bandage is necessary

Skin glue is sometimes applied to keep the ear secured to the side of the head whilst healing takes place and this gives the appearance of the ears being really pinned back. This comes away after a couple of weeks and the ears adopt a more natural position

Oral antibiotics are given for 5 days

The operation is not normally painful and if your child is needing regular pain killers for more than 2-3 days please get in touch with our office.

Sometimes children can feel very nauseous after the surgery and this is due to a combination of the general anaesthetic and stimulating the ear cartilage

A follow up is arranged after 1 week when the head bandage and the stitches are removed

After this time it is recommended that a light head dressing is worn at night for 2 weeks.

Your child should avoid contact sports for about 4 weeks after the surgery

The ear will appear quite red for a few weeks. Be careful to avoid sun exposure for 4-6 months

head bandage.jpg